Complete Systems


Marshall Resources, Inc. can supply complete HP NonStop systems, and any additional needed peripherals such as disk drives, tape units, printers, and communications.


In fact, all used HP NonStop hardware that we sell is guaranteed to be certifiable for HP maintenance.


Maintenance Services


Marshall Resources leverages its vast spare inventory and technical expertise to provide onsite and depot hardware maintenance and system support. With our highly qualified nationwide team of customer engineers, each with an average of 20 years NonStop experience, we service some of the largest financial institutions, retailers, hospitals and manufacturing concerns in the world. Our list of maintenance clients is literally the “who’s who” of the worldwide NonStop users.


Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to create long term relationships with all of our customers.


Marshall Resources, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and excellent service. our extensive inventory provides us with the means to supply the HP NonStop systems and upgrades that you need.


Worldwide Locations


In addition to the United States, Marshall Resources, Inc. also has sales reps in the UK and France, and we can easily provide used HP NonStop hardware to all countries in the world.


State-Of-The-Art Warehouse


All of our pre-owned HP NonStop hardware is available directly from the Marshall Resources, Inc. Technical Support Center facility, located in Durham, North Carolina. Our warehouse, located in the high-tech Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, is a state-of-the-art refurbishing facility specifically designed to accommodate the needs of sensitive electronic equipment, such as HP NonStop hardware.

North America Reps

Northeast US Chris Lynch
Southeast US Chris Lynch
Midwest US Darren Frame
Western US Darren Frame

International Reps

Africa Chris Marshall
Europe Chris Marshall
Asia Chris Marshall
South America Chris Lynch
Australia Darren Frame