Used HP NonStop Hardware & Equipment


Marshall Resources, Inc. specializes in the sale of pre-owned HP NonStop hardware. Being the largest HP NonStop reseller in the U.S., the equipment you need is often in stock in our North Carolina warehouse. All used hardware sold is guaranteed to be certifiable for HP NonStop maintenance contract.





The equipment will be shipped to you in good condition, and HP NonStop, or your maintenance provider, will install the equipment as required. Years of experience and superior technical knowledge give Marshall Resources, Inc. the ability to include all the correct cables, mounting hardware, and parts necessary for a problem free HP NonStop installation process. Satisfaction is guaranteed with all used HP NonStop hardware sold by Marshall Resources, Inc., Inc. and we will personally be involved to assure quality control.


NonStop Maintenance

NonStop Erasure

From CPU’s, to disk drives, to tape drives, printers and terminals, Marshall Resources, Inc., has the largest inventory of any HP NonStop reseller in the world. When buying used hardware, more inventory means greater availability and faster delivery.


HP Enterprise Division continues to be a key player in the fault tolerant business computing market for online transaction processing. Marshall Resources, Inc. has locations worldwide allowing us to trade globally in used Nonstop NS Series, like NS1200, NS2000, and NS2200, and also in NB Series, like NB50000, NB54000, and NB56000 servers and peripherals.





Marshall Resources, Inc. buys this hardware used from existing HP NonStop users. Please email us or call us (800) 443-0128. As one of the premier resellers of used HP servers and peripherals, Marshall Resources, Inc. can help you in all of your used HP Hewlett Packard needs.


For more information on used HP servers, peripherals, processors, features, and upgrades, email or call us at (480) 922-4980 or (800) 443-0128.


Marshall Resources, Inc. sells certain HP NonStop and Hewlett Packard products but is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hewlett Packard Computer Corporation. If you do not see the system or peripheral you require, please contact us immediately either by phone or e-mail, as our inventory and available product changes daily.