Tandem HP NonStop Computer Equipment Maintenance

What’s New in Maintenance?

In response to customer requests, Marshall Resources has leveraged its vast spare parts resources and technical expertise to provide on-site and depot hardware maintenance and systems support for S-series and K-series equipment.

Why Should I Change?

As S-series and K-series hardware begins to age, the manufacturer customarily will raise the price of hardware support to push users to new platforms. This rise in prices makes no sense, since the cost of parts usually declines over time. Marshall Resources can provide hardware system support for from 50% – 70% less because the cost of replacements parts needed to maintain the system is going down, and availability for S-series and K-series hardware goes up.

How Is It Better?

Marshall Resources has set up a worldwide network of on-site technicians and technical staff, prepared to solve hardware problems in a timely fashion. Our network of onsite technicians are the best in the business, with an average of 20 years experience in Nonstop support. In addition, Marshall Resources employs a unique strategy of placing more on-site spare parts, so many failures can be repaired immediately with no waiting time.

Where Do We Start?

A customized quote can be prepared for you in just a couple of days that will provide a simple “apples to apples” comparison to your current hardware maintenance support agreement. All that’s needed is a concise list of your hardware configuration, and we do the rest! In addition, Marshall Resources will provide references and any technical consultation necessary to make you comfortable with this low cost, high service alternative for hardware support.

NonStop Maintenance
NonStop Maintenance
NonStop Maintenance

Contact us today for a quote, and start saving money on your hardware maintenance expense soon!