Dedicated Staff

Marshall Resources has successfully served its customers both nationwide as well as internationally. We can be flexible to meet your needs and respond faster to emergencies and on-the-spot decisions without sacrificing the quality of service that you have come to expect from the Marshall Resources, Inc. name. The following gentlemen are our sales representatives, they can help you with all questions or needs.

Mr. Chris Marshall | Email

2907 West Pettigrew Street

Durham, NC 27705 (USA)

Phone (919) 598-0292

Mr. Darren Frame | Email

8075 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 4
Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (USA)

Phone (480) 922-4980

Mr. Chris Lynch | Email

1116 Great Plain Ave, 2nd Flr
Needham, MA 02492 (USA)

Phone (781) 444-7707

North America Reps

Northeast US Chris Lynch
Southeast US Chris Lynch
Midwest US Darren Frame
Western US Darren Frame

International Reps

Africa Chris Marshall
Europe Chris Marshall
Asia Chris Marshall
South America Chris Lynch
Australia Darren Frame