Leasing, Rental, and Moving Options


If you would like to finance your equipment needs, leasing may be right for you. From 12 months to 36 months, leasing HP NonStop equipment may make sense for your company. Leasing allows you to preserve your capital budget and use your expense budget to pay for your hardware monthly.


If your hardware requirement is for less than 12 months, a short term rental of HP NonStop equipment may be the best decision. Marshall Resources will rent hardware to you for a special project, or help you get through that busy time of year. Renting HP NonStop equipment is an effective alternative to purchasing an additional system or more disk drives that you may need for just a short period of time. Our rentals are arranged to suit your time requirements!

Data Center Moves

An ideal situation for a lease or short term rental of HP NonStop equipment from Marshall Resources can be a data center move. We can provide your company with a duplication of your current system configuration, shipped directly to your new data center. HP NonStop equipment leases or rentals are an easy, viable solution for your data center move. We have lots of experience with data center moves and can arrange the padded van transportation both to your new site, and for the pickup of your original system from your prior site.

Marshall Resources’ data center move strategy decreases the chance for errors caused by multiple installs and uninstalls, as well as reducing costly install/uninstall charges. When the new site is fully operational, simply return the HP NonStop equipment from your original site without having to move twice.

Our knowledge of HP NonStop equipment puts us in the best position to help make your data center move as easy as possible. So, call us or email us about utilizing a short term rental, or lease for your HP NonStop equipment needs. We are happy to give you options so you can make the best decision for your company!

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